Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Picks of the Month

What were my best posts from the beginning of the year after the Olympics? Let's see...

From Froogville, I select this frippery on Actors who might play Froog on the movie screen.

Over on The Barstool, it's a particularly tough choice for this month. I think I'll go for A favourite metaphor revisited, an observation on how I view my relationship with a favourite bar exactly as I do a love affair. 
[Close runners-up were this poem on Drying Out; this reminiscence of Hogan's, one of my favourite ever bars (in a suburb of Philadelphia); The Formula?, some romantic advice from a friend that I was scornful of trying to follow myself; and my pair of earth-shattering theories, the Three Pint Rule and The Three Month Rule.]

I hope you'll enjoy this month's little jaunt in the time-machine.


JES said...

I'd never heard of Hogan's before this. Obviously I didn't get across the river often enough. It's still in action, though.

Froog said...

Good to know.

I wimped out of going back there last time I was in the States because I was afraid it might have disappeared, or lost its magic. But it still seems to be garnering admiring reviews.

Maybe next year...