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Favourite Posts from the 1st quarter of 2012

A roundup of highlights from the beginning of the year...

Pick of the Archives:
Favourite Posts, January-March 2012

1)  A timely reminder  -  1st January 2012
I find a photograph of a strange Chinglish notice that reminds me I really ought to be getting out of this place before too much longer.

2)  That's me, that is  -  4th January 2012
A couple of cartoons of my avatar, the 'bi-polar bear'.

3)  Why I never answer my phone  -  5th January 2012
One of my more important rants against modern life.

4)  My liver has been badly destroyed  -  6th January 2012
Part of my War on Chinglish series: the Chinese seem to be incapable of differentiating between different degrees of damage.

5)  Can you guess what it is?  -  9th January 2012
A photograph of a mystery object from my apartment, a perhaps uniquely Chinese piece of low-technology.

6)  My kitchen: a photo essay  -  11th January 2012
For those who are curious about the quirks of the typical Chinese kitchen. (And here's a companion piece on Chinese light fittings.)

7)  Song lyrics quiz  -  14th January 2012
An amusing little test for my readers.

8)  A veil of tiers  -  25th January 2012
I battle with Chinese statistics, trying to find reliable figures for how many cities there are in China now, and how many people live in them.

9)  Favourite prison films  -  28th January 2012
Another of my 'film lists' to close out the month.

10)  A fishy tale  -  31st January 2012
A traumatic episode in my childhood perhaps explains my lifelong aversion to eating seafood.

11)  The romance of the 'bargain bin'  -  4th February 2012
Some of the fabulous oddities I picked up for pennies during the long hours spent browsing in record shops during my student years.

12)  Positive thinking from the icy North  -  5th February 2012
An Inuit poem I encountered while living in Canada many years ago.

13)  A bon mot for the week  -  6th February 2012
One of my bitterer observations on love.

I discover a hilarious instructional video on the Japanese approach to romance.

15)  Ford Prefect's verdict on Mao  -  17th February 2012
A pun that nobody got.

17)  Something we all need....  -  21st February 2012
I finally come across a Chinglishism I've been watching out for since I first came here!

18)  Now, where did that come from?  -  24th February 2012
A most unexpected dream prompts me to reflect on my stern moral stance towards romantic liaisons between teachers and their students... and to reminisce about the one girl who really tempted me to rethink that position.

19)  No Admittance  -  27th February 2012
The crankiness of Blogger's word-recognition feature for authorising comments had recently been driving me to distraction; but at least it led me to stumble across a rather charming animation of a Kafka short story.

20)  Here endeth the lesson  -  28th February 2012
I lose patience with a senior lawyer who's been dicking me around - and, more generally, with the perennial Chinese uselessness about dealing with business e-mail - and tell him exactly what I think of him. Ah, catharsis!

21)  Strange talents  -  3rd March 2012
I kick off the month with a list of some of the unlikely attributes I find myself blessed/cursed with.

22)  Safe sex, the Lei Feng way  -  5th March 2012
I discover that China's iconic do-gooder has been enlisted to promote condoms.

23)  The bottom of the academic barrel  -  9th March 2012
I indulge in a little rant against Marxist studies.

24)  To borrow a zombie analogy...  -  12th March 2012
A throwaway line about blog spammers being like the less threatening 'stumbler' zombies leads me into an analysis of whether zombies are viable anyway.

25)  Nature's Way  -  14th March 2012
I am fascinated by - but sceptical of - an article which suggests that once upon a time it was 'normal' to divide one's night's sleep into two separate sessions.

26)  My theme song  -  17th March 2012
For St Patrick's Day this year I post three versions of The Wild Rover - by The Dubliners, the Dropkick Murphys, and The Pogues.

27)  A difficult question  -  29th March 2012
A French scandal prompts some reflection on the question of what you can tell about a woman from the clothes she does - or doesn't - wear.

28)  Ideal for home defence  -  30th March 2012
I unearth an amusingly oddball art exhibition.

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