Thursday, June 21, 2007

Touring the Archive - top picks for 1st Quarter '07 (Part 2)

And here, hot on the heels of 'Part 1', is my conclusion of the round-up of favourite posts from Froogville for the first three months of the year.

Does anyone (Tulsa?) strongly agree or disagree with my choices? Or just think that all the posts are rubbish?? Do let me know what you think.

Pick of the Archive: Favourite Posts, Jan. - March '07 (Part 2)

1) Nothing ventured, nothing gained - 28th February

I recount a favourite anecdote (about the colourful Depression-era politician, Huey Long) which has - oddly (inappropriately?) enough - provided me with an inspiring motto in life.

2) The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient (?) Readers - 28th February

I thought this was one of the most intriguing and provocative short posts I have written - but it has (so far) failed to elicit any comments at all. I hope that will change over time.

3) The experience of 'home' - 27th February

Two more quotations from the Irish writer, John Banville, which strike a particular chord with me.

4) Continuing the 'What is poetry?' series.... - 26th February

I've posted several poems on 'the nature of poetry' by other people; but this is the only one of mine.

5) Lives of the poets - 23rd February

I discovered a very funny, very cruel jest attributed to the German poet, Heine.

6) In praise of failure - 21st February

I juxtapose two great quotations on failure and success - one from Tennessee Williams, the other from Malcolm Lowry.

7) The tyranny of coincidence - 21st February

My reluctance to believe the unwelcome report of a bathroom scales prompts some philosophical musings.

8) Valentine, schmalentine! - 13th February

Valentine's Day? Bah, humbug!!

9) Snow in February (again) - 8th February

An unexpected fall of snow prompts me to give a retread to one of my best poems from a year ago.

10) Return of the Haiku Man - 2nd February

I don't often feel that my haiku are 'substantial' enough to merit inclusion in the 'Best of....' list; but for some reason I particularly like this observation.

11) More poetry about poetry - 21st January

I love so many of Robert Graves' poems, but this one is very near the top of the list.

12) Bad news - 17th January

The discovery of this fine poem by Emerson comes as an unhappy, sinisterly significant coincidence for me.

13) 10 Curious Facts About Me - 6th January

I indulge in some unprompted autobiography - having realised that I was too "unpopular" a blogger for anyone else to "tag" me to do this.

14) The Curse Of The Three Adjectives (Where in the world am I? [21]) - 5th January

Many of my teacher friends insist that this is the funniest post I have written.

15) Don't try suicide! (3 ripostes to my last post) - 4th January

I follow up this rather gloomy post, A favourite suicide poem, with a selection of (arguably) slightly more uplifting pieces on the theme.

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