Sunday, March 23, 2008

We are all Simpsons now

Many have asked...... "What does the Froog look like?"

Now, at last, it can be revealed - via the technological marvel of The Simpsonizer.

Of course, the device has its limitations. Everyone starts off with piggy eyes, a button nose, and impossibly low-set ears; and although you can ameliorate these oddities - and the inevitable goofy overbite, of course - the range of customizations available is really pretty small (and some of them don't work at all: you're supposed to be able to use a slider control to vary hair and clothes colour, but....).

This, I think, is not too bad a likeness. At least, it captures my fondness for dark clothes (a dark blue Hugo Boss shirt and black Levi's are my trademark 'look'). I have no idea, though, why it gave me a black thatch; my hair is really quite a light brown. This 'yellow' version of me (working from the same original photograph) is a little closer to the right hair colour, but I couldn't get rid of the tousled style - that's not me.

And just to get really freaky on you, here is me as a chick. You know how I love to stay in touch with "my feminine side"!

Thanks to Leah for alerting us all to this wonderful timewaster!


Anonymous said...

he he,

The top one's got something about you. The middle ones def got the wrong hair!

And you as a woman... hummm maybe not - I think the wrong shade of lipstick.

It must have taken you hours, a top tip Leah, thx.

Anonymous said...

Nice boobs though :-)

Froog said...

Why, thank you, Mothman - you sure know how to compliment a lady. NOT.

I worry the yellow one makes me look too much like Troy McClure.

Froog said...

I think the black-haired version of 'me' is a little reminiscent of John Cusack - who, oddly enough, is the actor most often suggested by friends as a suitable candidate to play me in a film version of my life.

I don't really think it's an apt comparison myself, but I'm very happy for it to be made.

I think of myself more as a Ewan McGregor type, though.

Of course, Johnny Depp can play anyone.....