Friday, May 18, 2007

A Tour of the Archive

As promised a few days ago, here is my pick of the posts from the first three-and-a-bit months of Froogville.

I was aiming for a 'Top 20', but, well, the list just growed and growed. We seem to have ended up with 28 - which is a lucky number for the Chinese.

Pick of the Archive: Favourite Posts, Sept. - Dec. '06

1) A New Year poem - 31st December

A complaint about the generally poor quality of poetry themed on the turning of the year, and the humble offering of a poem of my own - one of my 'freaky fables' series.

2) My first Christmas in ***??*** (Where in the world am I? [19]) - 30th December

A little bit of nostalgia for my early days in China.

3) The Question to The Ultimate Answer - 21st December

A homage to the late Douglas Adams, and my solution to the great conundrum of his 'Hitch-Hikers' Guide To The Galaxy' series.

4) Touch the monolith - 15th December

My multi-million dollar website idea!

5) A favourite 'beachcombing' - 12th December

A nutshell tribute to one of my favourite humourists, J. B. Morton; and one of the most famous examples of his work - 'The Dancing Cabman'.

6) Logorrhoea - 10th December

Strange word, strange poem - but a good summary, I think, of the creative urge.

7) A footballer anecdote (or three, or four) - 9th December

Some well-known funny stories about the great game retold.

8) That time of the week again - 1st December

Not many of my haiku will make it into these lists - but this one is particularly dear to my heart: probably one of the most romantic I have ever written.

9) The Simile Game - 30th November

Two-for-the-price-of-one: some silly, cynical wordplay and one of my best (I think) short poems.

10) Pulling the ripcord - 14th November

More wordplay: an anecdote from my Bar School days - and a great aphorism to finish.

11) 'Morbid' thoughts? - 14th November

A frivolous little poem on the subject of poetry; but one of my most revealing?

12) They can smell the fear.... - 10th November

In which I confess my unmanly terror of bicycles.

13) On the beach - 6th November

A poem I wrote to woo the Great Love Of My Life. It worked..... for a while.

14) My first review - 25th October

Unexpected praise for the blog is the cue for some autobiographical aphorisms.

15) Sporadic advance of relevance - 24th October

My favourite ever piece of mangled English, and the story behind it. A possible sub-title for the blog itself??

16) A Dark Fable - 23rd October

One of my very favourite poems (of my own, that is); inspired, of course, by you-know-who.

17) Name-dropping - 10th October

I met a famous poet once: this is the anecdote.

18) Possible epitaphs - 10th October

What would you like on your tombstone? More jesting wordplay.

19) The people I fall for.... - 8th October

The story of my love life!

20) More shadows..... - 2nd October

Very short, very silly - but I like it.

21) Lone Mosquito Blues - 30th September

Can you believe I was still being persecuted by mosquitoes this late in the year?!

22) A Haiku with a back-story - 29th September

One of my first haiku, one of my best - and written in tribute to my greatest friend.

23) What job do I do? - 28th September

The story of my (non-)working life!!

24) Shadows and Froog - 25th September

A celebration of a favourite poetry anthology and a favourite poet; and the first and best of my own 'freaky fables' poems.

25) Fragment - 22nd September

A (still!) unfinished piece of poetry, but a promising one.

26) Christopher Robin goes down on Alice.... - 16th September

A naughty joke, and a very silly anecdote - but a good illustration of my frivolous, subversive personality.

27) I-Spy - 10th September

More on my employment prospects; and a 'true story' from my University days.

28) In dispraise of blogging - 8th September

A key early post on why I do not consider myself a 'blogger'!

Now, all I have to do is work out how to insert this in the sidebar......

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