Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Morbid' thoughts?

I have ribbed my friend The Poet for the dark, crypto-suicidal streak in much of her work - but I am probably far worse: I am The Emperor of Bi-Polarity! My great unsuitable inspiration, the alcoholic writer Jeffrey Bernard, for many years wrote a regular column in The Spectator magazine that was once described by a critic (or fan?) as "a suicide note in weekly parts". I hope this blog doesn't become quite that gloomy, quite that morosely navel-gazing. I recognise the danger, and will try to fight against it.

Indeed, even my darker pieces of writing are usually taking the piss out of my gloominess. This is a representative example:

A Dispute on Poetry

There are two schools of Poetry.

One school says
That every poem has one of two subjects:
The death of Love,
Or the love of Death.

The other school says
That these two subjects
Are the same.

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