Friday, June 22, 2007

Door Therapy Haiku

Only one from three:
The choice refines the judgement.
Behind the third door?

Yep, still working on my billion dollar psychotherapy scheme......


Tulsa said...

based on earlier posts/comments, I feel like you mean for the third door to be quite the extreme/radical choice...

since most philosophies advocated a balanced approach, or middle ground, in your fledgling philosophy, when would it be okay to choose door three?

Froog said...

It is OK to choose Door 3 when Door 3 is the right choice for you.

Your personality may be such that Door 3 is usually the right choice for you. Or it may be that it is your usual choice, but not in all circumstances the best one for you. Or it may be that you tend too much towards conservatism, and occasionally need to force yourself to embrace a Door 3 choice to break out of a rut.

Any over-arching philosophy that tends to limit you in your choice should be rejected. If the 'middle way' and the 'golden mean' dictate that you should always choose Door 2, then they are of no use in Three Doors Therapy. Every choice is specific to the individual and his or her circumstances at that moment. Every choice is unique to that individual.

No rules.