Wednesday, January 04, 2012

That's me, that is

It seems there is no need to create anything new any more - a cartoon, a t-shirt slogan, a short story - because the Internet enables you to instantly track down a few dozen other people who've already done a serviceable job on the idea for you.

The other day - as I wrestled with my brutal turn-of-year mood slump - I wondered if anyone had ever tried to do a cartoon rendering of a 'bi-polar bear'... YES!!!

These were two of my favourites.

 [This one, apparently, by graphic designer Vincent Alcivar.]

[And this one is by a G.J. Caulkins, at The Mighty Wombat cartoon blog.]

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Froog said...

A little earlier, I was weighing up one of the best job opportunities I've ever had here... and noodling around with some sketches for the novel... and thinking about a really long run tomorrow morning.

And now it's 1am and I'm listening to Tusk with a bottle of whiskey in my hand.

That's ME, that is.