Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something we all need...

I confess I've been looking out for this now for some years, convinced that it was only a matter of time - one of the great,  glorious typos waiting to happen.

It took the near-infinite number of monkeys attempting to write business English in China rather longer than I had anticipated, but, finally, last week I came upon an instance of.....

Hunan Resources

This south central province, in addition to its celebrity as the birthplace of Mao Zedong, is, in my opinion, the place where all of China's prettiest girls seem to come from. A valuable resource indeed!


JES said...

Did you ever take that fact-finding trip to Hunan? If you at last do quit China, it seems a shame to leave the prettiest-girls question hanging.

That is a GREAT typo. Wish I'd thought of it myself!

Froog said...

Ah, well, had you ever heard of Hunan before?

Nowadays you do find the occasional Chinese restaurant in the West that brands itself as 'Hunan' - and might indeed be so on occasion (although in general I'm sceptical, as the sneering inverted commas suggest); similar to Szechuan, but maybe just a little less spicy, and a bit more sweet in some of the dishes.

They do a thing I found myself surprised to like (on my first visit here, half a lifetime ago): caramel-coated chilli-dusted roasted peanuts. It seems like it ought not to work, but... the combination of sweet and hot with peanuttyness is oh-my-god.

Maybe it's the cuisine that helps to cultivate the unique eyes and smile and hip-swing and... did I mention the eyes?

John said...

Hope you shared your theory with your playing cards-wielding taxi driver friend.
Also, the whole chilli with sugar thing has been stolen by us ironically (although I don't know if it was from China originally) and is one of those nouvelle cuisine things that comes and goes every now and then.