Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Traffic Report - the blog stats for December

December has often been an excessively busy blogging month for me, with little or no work to distract me, and lots of seasonal excuses for additional holiday-related frivolity. This year, I managed to keep myself in check reasonably well. Then again, being laid up in bed for two weeks with a horrific cold probably helped.


Last December, there were 38 posts and nearly 14,000 words on Froogville.

There were 32 posts and around 13,500 words on Barstool Blues (largely thanks to the bumper end-of-year Beijing Bar Awards post).

Ooh, and I see that just yesterday The Barstool acquired a new reader in Aubonne, a village in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Please say 'hi' in the comments somewhere.


JES said...

I didn't visit here from Switzerland, alas.

Just last night, coincidentally, I was watching a PBS mini-travelogue guide to Switzerland. One fascinating tidbit -- I had no idea the Swiss were so... so... military. Apparently during WW2 they became obsessed with guarding against invasion, while still seeming mild-mannered and unflappable: they built giant gun emplacements within barns and similar buildings, with fake "wooden" (actually painted concrete) walls. Since the Cold War's end, they've opened a number of these as tourist attractions. (A local guide on the show also mentioned that most Swiss homes are built on bomb shelters!)

Don't suppose you've ever peripateticked through or in Switzerland, have you?

Froog said...

I spent a brief holiday in Austria and Switzerland with my parents as a kid. That was 30 - gosh, 35! - years ago, so doesn't really count.

I didn't know they had their own Maginot Line-style defensive bunkers, no. You'd think the mountains - and having everyone's gold and jewellery in their possession - would be sufficient defence against invasion.