Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Picks of the Month

Delving back into the archives again... what was I wittering about in the run-up to Christmas '09?

Well, on Froogville, this post has a special place in my heart: Go out and buy! - an unlikely anecdote of my father's.
[However, in a brisk month of posting - essential catharsis, following on from a particularly anxious change of apartments - I also quite like Why my packing took so long, this observation on a strange and vexing kitchen accident, this Classical pun, and this grapple with a Latin motto. On a more serious note, I would also recommend revisiting The leaders leave first and Don't be a Chinese child - two posts marking the 15th anniversary of the Karamay theatre fire tragedy.]

On The Barstool, I have to nominate Little Frank (A Christmas Tale) - one of my most emotional China stories.

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