Sunday, October 02, 2011

Traffic Report - the blog stats for September

The month of dual 5th Anniversaries was relatively uneventful. The only 'special' posts I managed to contrive were this frivolous outline for a film based on the conceit of rendering the typical expat TEFL bum in China as an action hero, and The Barstool's new 'audience participation' thread on the theme of What's your unusual super-power? Thanks to an uncommonly heavy business and social schedule this last month, my blog output was somewhat towards the lower end of the scale.

There were 34 posts and around 11,500 words on Froogville.

There were 32 posts and just over 9,000 words on Barstool Blues.

In my traffic stats, I am intrigued to discover that I have recently acquired a new regular reader in Sydney, Australia; indeed, if the scarily specific 'visitor map' feature on Statcounter is to be believed, our new friend lives in the Darlinghurst district, on the corner of Hill Street and Maiden Lane. Please de-cloak and say hello, whoever you are!


JES said...

Yes, those online maps are a little too-too, aren't they? Even when they map to the location of the visitor's Internet gateway, vs. the visitor himself.

One of the creepier default settings with many cell phones -- and with the social-networking sites -- is to broadcast your location using a GPS marker. The cell phones, at least, are only roughly accurate; they often only guesstimate where you are, via triangulation among cell-phone towers. But why some non-desperate soul would log into a Web site and as a matter of course volunteer his or her location -- accurately, at that -- well, I just don't understand it. You don't have to be paranoid about the authorities tracking you. You just have to consider the implications for the safety of your home and loved ones, say, if you're always announcing, even if not explicitly, Now I'm a twenty miles away... Up to twenty-five miles, now! (or whatever) to every curious and goal-directed stranger within that radius.

It's easy enough to change these defaults, but why on earth are they set that way to begin with???

Froog said...

Indeed - creepy it is.

The fact that this - alone of your recent comments - was directed to my Spam folder further feeds my paranoia!