Saturday, October 01, 2011

Since it's that time of year again...

As China's National Day holiday is upon us once again, I cast around for something topical to post, and discovered YouTube user ThDubya, who specialises in short parodies of national songs. Here's his version of the Chinese anthem, March of the Volunteers. Quite fun.

This guy is an 'equal-opportunity offender': he does (nearly) everyone. Here are his versions of the British national anthem and the rather more rousing Rule, Britannia! I think his O Canada! might be my favourite.


Gary said...


Lucky the fenqing are all on holiday too or that T*b*t reference could land you in a world of pain.

Would he do Jia you Zhongguo?

Froog said...

Yes, it is pleasantly quiet around here, isn't it, Gary. I'm sure the FQs never rest, though; they're just off savaging some other poor bastard at the moment.

Dubya is mainly focusing on the official national anthems of the world so far, and still has a fair few of those to get through. But it's good to see he's already done the DPRK.