Saturday, October 16, 2010

The simplest advice

A week or so ago, the invaluable JES introduced me to this marvellous bit of Bob Newhart, a classic skit from the Mad TV show nearly ten years ago.

I thought it would make an apposite conclusion to this rather 'political' week here on Froogville, where I have been reflecting on the shortcomings of China's political system, endeavouring to offer some 'advice' to the Chinese Communist Party's leadership, and confronting one of their fanatical fenqing supporters.  As commenter Hopfrog put it, sometimes you just want to grab these people by the collar and give them a good slap.  Or, as Bob would say....


Gary said...

Ha! I'd never seen that before. Love Bob Newhart!

Froog said...

Bob and I go way back. I had an English teacher when I was 11 who used to play us his classic monologues in class (I guess they were already a decade or so old by then).

I've always been rather unimpressed with Mad TV when I've caught odd bits of it on my rare trips over to the States, but some of the skits from it I find on YouTube are outstandingly good. I wonder if it's gone off in recent years, or if it's always been a more-miss-than-hit kind of show.