Friday, July 02, 2010

The weekly haiku

Steaming days, night rains,
Keep us imprisoned indoors -
The summer cycle.

Yes, the Beijing summer is here. The occasional bright and clear day is flanked on either side by three of sultry overcast and artificially engineered thunderstorms. The various outdoor venues that have been set up for watching the World Cup must have been having a fairly miserable time.


JES said...

When we were planning last week's trip to DC, I had certain... trepidations. Washington's weather is generally god-awful anytime between mid-June and mid-September, and if there's any weather I can't stand it's the god-awful sort.

What a pleasure to learn that they'd just come off such a week or so... but while we were there, the daily highs were only about 80 degrees F (27 C), with cloudless skies and a breeze. The Missus, alas, was stuck in a classroom during the daytime. But I think I got enough enjoyment out of it for both of us!

Froog said...

I was thinking of coming over for my buddy The British Cowboy's annual summer barbecue in Alexandria, but.... it would be a bit of an extravagance!!

The weather in DC is a little similar, I find, but generally still preferable to Beijing. The clamminess is rarely quite so oppressive (here we get days at a time of 95%+ humidity), and the air quality is much, much better. Heat on its own I can take. Heat with modest amounts of humidity - so long as I can still breathe, and see the sun - I can take. But the choking grey soup of Beijing's skies in August, that is something I am really dreading.