Friday, July 02, 2010

Traffic Report - the blog stats for June

Well, thanks to a particularly busy spell at work, and to the distractions of the World Cup, my rate of blogging was slightly curtailed this last month.

There were 35 posts and around 11,000 words on Froogville.

Barstool Blues was running it neck-and-neck in frequency (34 posts in all), but managed fewer than 8,000 words (despite a few very long posts, the majority this month were very short, several of them picture posts only).

Gosh, did I really keep my output down below 20,000 words?? That must be the first time that's happened in...... ages.

Well, no. There was also the 'hidden post' of my World Cup discussion thread, where I've been doing most of my writing for the last three weeks: to date, there are 83 comments on that, 64 of which (and a good 90% of the verbiage) are mine; and they boast a cumulative wordcount slightly in excess of the combined total for the posts on both blogs. Egad!

As to my global reach, Statcounter informs me that I have had my first look-ins from Argentina and Costa Rica on Froogville....... and from the Islamic Republic of Iran on The Barstool (I hope they didn't get into any trouble!). It's a funny old world, eh?

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