Thursday, July 01, 2010

Beginning of the month Daily Llama(s)

What are you looking at?


moonrat said...

yeah. those are some punk llamas.

Froog said...

Ah, Moonie, it's been too long since we heard from you. Do I really have to wheel out the llamas to get a comment out of you?

JES said...

I can't remember if I told you: I recently came across an online reproduction (Flickr) of pages from a children's book written and illustrated by, of all people, Patricia Highsmith and her lover at the time. The title was Miranda the Panda Is on the Veranda.

Each page is a silly little rhyming caption accompanying a silly little line drawing. One of the pages: "A lama on a llama."

I thought to myself, Froog must be told of this. It seems to be some sort of reflexive version of the pun in your "Daily Llama" series title.

(A Spectator capsule review of the book says: "Until her mid-twenties Highsmith thought of herself as an artist, rather than as a writer... After her death her considerable body of drawings was collected in the 1995 book, Patricia Highsmith Zeichnungen, which includes a sketch of 'Marcel Proust Examining Own Bathwater.'" Heh.)

Froog said...

I think I'd heard of the panda on the veranda book, but hadn't realised it was anything to do with Patricia Highsmith.

The mental image of 'Marcel Proust examining his own bathwater' is going to cause me many long nights of insomnia.