Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Too darned hot?

Apparently the temperatures have been nudging up towards 40 degrees Centigrade here in Beijing over the last few days.... possibly in fact a bit beyond (but Chinese meteorologists never like to admit the temperature's above 39 because of some Mao-era statute that ostensibly provides for automatic factory shutdowns in such conditions).

I'm finding it really quite bracing. The odd thing is, you see, that there are dazzlingly clear skies, a refreshing breath of breeze, and virtually zero humidity. This is quite common here in May and early June, but extremely rare - almost unheard of! - in July and August.

Absent that intense humidity, even really intense heat I find quite bearable. I only realised it was that hot when I discovered it had become almost impossible to eat an ice cream any more: if you bring them out into direct sunlight, they wilt on the stick in under a minute!


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