Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The waiting is the worst part

I had been informed (by a football-mad Chinese friend) that the dratted Chinese sports channel CCTV5 was going to show yesterday's World Cup semi-final between Holland and Uruguay at 9.30 this morning.

I wasn't completely convinced of this. Thus far, the full re-runs have been starting much earlier: always before 9am and sometimes as early as 7.30 (suits me better; enables me to get more work done in the morning). However, since we're now down to just one match a day, every few days, a bit of flexibility is creeping back into the schedules. We didn't get any Wimbledon coverage this year, I don't think, but now...... oh yes, now we have time for all kinds of other sports to start getting a look-in again. And I don't mean only Chinese basketball.....

At 9.40 this morning, CCTV5 was still showing highlights of the Tour de France; highlights which seemed to have been dragging on interminably - since I switched the TV set on at 8.

Then they went into a 10-minute ad break. So, it wasn't until just after 9.50 that the re-run of last night's match actually got under way.

These assclowns can't even stick to their own published schedule??

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