Monday, July 05, 2010

Strange question

Recording scripts get decidedly dada-ist at times.

This morning I had several pages of question prompts to read out. These can get particularly weird when the answer is a multiple choice (and, of course, they never tell you what the possible answers are; so if the English in the question is seriously flawed, it can be very difficult to know what to do to fix it).

Today's favourite:

Which of these is NOT the growth point of the passion flower?

(I think they meant: Where do passion flowers NOT grow?)


The Weeble said...

This is a rare twofer: "Growth Point of the Passion Flower" is probably already the title of an album somewhere, but could certainly serve as the title of a demo release from one of the imaginary bands we've christened. (Been too long since we last did that, btw.) And "Passion Flower" would serve nicely as an entry in a new game I'm working on: "Howard Goldblatt translation of a female character's name, or euphemism for the vagina?"

Froog said...

I believe Euphemisms for the Vagina was an early, never-released Peter Gabriel solo album project.

You know, while he was writing 'songs' like Erogenous Zones, We Love You for Genesis.