Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tell-tale signs

Well, I've been wading through another academic editing chore this afternoon.

I think I've commented before on how Chinese academics tend to be quite shameless about paraphrasing - or often just cut & pasting verbatim - long chunks of other people's work, while only very rarely deigning to use citations or quotation marks to acknowledge the sources they are thus pillaging.

Usually, such plagiarism is very easy for a native English-speaking editor to spot because passages of perfect or nearly-perfect English do tend to leap off the page at you after long hours of grappling with Chinglish.

Today, though, I encountered another helpful pointer. This author had not even bothered to change the typeface or font sizes of his pilferings to match the rest of his text.

Intellectually shallow, irredeemably dishonest, and very, very lazy. Welcome to Chinese academe.

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