Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The crazy times are here again?

After some four months of work doldrums, suddenly things are starting to get busy again.

Very busy. Too darned busy.

Around the middle of last week, I started to fret about a new class I had agreed to start teaching this Monday, which would require an hour or two of preparation (it was to be a 'film appreciation' class, and most of my DVD collection is still in packing cases!). I realised, with a little surge of panic, that it was going to be difficult for me to find that hour or two free in the coming four or five days - without getting up very, very, very early in the morning.

Heavy sessions of recording on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (so much for not working on the weekends!) segued without a break into the first day of the Ditan Park Folk Festival on Saturday afternoon and evening. Then I had a wedding all day Sunday (some bar owner friends of mine; so, after the main celebration in the afternoon, there was a follow-up 'open bar' event all evening). I'd tried to fob off the private students I've been seeing over the weekend for the past few months, but of course they insisted they'd be quite happy to see me any time I was free, even early on Sunday morning, immediately before the wedding....

So, I really didn't have what you could call any significant amount of free time at home from Wednesday afternoon through to Monday morning. Luckily, yesterday's recording session was curtailed by sound pollution from building work in neighbouring apartments. But for that, I really wouldn't have had the chance to prepare for my new class properly. It was an evening class, too, and quite far away: I didn't get home again until nearly 10pm.

And this morning I had an 8am start in a university teaching job. I was looking forward to a bit of downtime this afternoon, but another of those infernal editing jobs landed in my Inbox.

More recording in prospect tomorrow and Thursday. And then on Friday I'm supposed to be having a video conference with someone in the UK about a proposed new training programme for their Beijing office.

Oh yes, and a friend of a friend is setting up a new online editorial agency, and this week is supposed to be a 'test week' to familiarise the core editing staff with company procedures and help to iron out any bugs in the CRM Web tools. Not sure where I'm going to find the time for that.....

Yet still I blog???


JES said...

Hard habit to break, isn't it? (Especially for you, I'd guess, who have been at it for a good number of years now.)

Do write more at some point about this film-appreciation course!

Froog said...

Ah, that is a vale of tears.

I think it's going to have to be cancelled because they don't have any appropriate facilities. Very galling and disappointing after I'd gone to so much trouble digging out interesting bits and pieces to show them.