Friday, January 25, 2008

A labour of love

It's done! I have spent a hefty chunk of the past couple of days responding to Tulsa's (entirely forgotten, until she reminded me) request/challenge to come up with an analysis of the expat dating scene in Beijing.

Since Barstool Blues is where I mostly write about my love life (or the lack of it) these days, that is where I decided to put these posts. There's one on the unique circumstances of the Beijing scene, one on my advice to the ladies (!!), one self-analytical one about what I'm looking for in a woman here (and what my prospects might be of finding one), and the last - probably most practical - one is on how to meet people; and then there's a brief follow-up/summary with this morning's haiku.

If you don't live in Beijing (or you do live here but have decided to become an asexualist), this might be of limited interest to you; although I think there's quite a lot of 'wisdom' of more general applicability in these posts, as well as the odd invitation to controversy and quite a few good (mostly self-lacerating) jokes. A leisurely weekend read for some of you, perhaps....

1 comment:

Tulsa said...

Froog is wrong. Not residing in Beijing and/or being an asexualist has nothing to do with the reader's enjoyment level on these reads.

Go check them out. Tell him to write more.