Friday, January 25, 2008

Today's thigh-slapping moment in the studio

Just got back from a long-ish stint behind the microphone. Not a particularly hilarious session today. The only exchange that really got to my funnybone was this:

"You're looking very tired."

"Well, actually I feel great. I've been working out on the jam."


Tulsa said...

Yeah, why do people say that? "You're looking very tired." except in circumstances where the person is suggesting you take the day off from work and go home and sleep.

Is it ever appropriate to tell someone in a social gathering negative aspects about one's appearance... unless it's the button-up shirt that's been mis-buttoned and can be easily fixed?

Froog said...

Even clumsy shirt buttoning should be tactfully avoided most times, I think.

The thing that got me most about this was the inappropriate preposition. I can (just about) see the 'jam' for 'gym' substitution.... but why on???

Astounding. Outstanding. Chinglish inventiveness at its most bizarre.

Jeremiah said...

Goodness knows. My 'jam' just closed down after collecting everybody's deposits for 2008. Ah, Chinglish and sketchy business must be, no, it is: BEIJING!