Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Book Book

One of my most fascinating commenters, Moonrat, (well, no, dear, dear commenters - you're all fascinating; but Ratty is perhaps the most intriguing, because I don't know where she came from....) a few months ago started up a collaborative blog she calls The Book Book.

It's a forum for booklovers to share reviews of their recent reads.

A brilliantly simple idea. And it seems to be gathering momentum.

I've contributed a few reviews myself (although one was just a re-working of one I'd put on here some months ago - CHEAT).

There are already several other fairly regular contributors, so there are two or three new reviews popping up every day. And very little rubbish.

Food for thought.

(Although I take issue with Moonrat's description of us as 'geeks'. I don't see anything geeky about reading, thank you very much.)

I encourage you to go and take a look. And drop Moonrat a line if you fancy becoming a contributor yourself.


moonrat said...

thank you for the wonderful plug!! i hope some people take your most excellent advice.

as for where i came from, no one is really sure. although from subtle hints my mother has dropped it would seem i am the product of some kind of most unfortunate contraceptive failure.

Froog said...

No, no, I meant how you came to be here, on my blog, silly.

I don't think you've ever explained how you came to be looking for photographs taken out of toilet windows.

Anonymous said...

yes, do tell. is there a way to search for pictures on the internet without labels? (Froog, does that Drum&Bell loo pic have a label?)

if there is a way to search pics on the 'net, I would think it would be quite relevant for this blog. as it would eliminate dear Froog's rational for posting that certain pic of that certain someone, now wouldn't it?

Froog said...

I'm not very tech-savvy, but I imagine that search engines can recognise filenames of posted pics. The filename of that pic was a nickname, nothing recognisable.

If you click the mouse cursor over a posted picture here on blogspot, you should see a balloon displaying the filename.