Saturday, September 08, 2007

A pause for thought...

Moonrat (yes, yes, always Moonrat!) 'reminded' me the other day that according to the calendars of the early South American civilizations (popularly labelled 'Mayan' calendars, although I gather it's rather more complicated than that), time is going to run out towards the end of 2012. At midnight on the 20th December, to be exact. (Although that's presumably on South American time, so it will be the afternoon of the 21st for us here in Beijing. No point buying any Christmas presents that year, I suppose.)

I had originally planned to discontinue my blogging experiment after a year. Well, a year and a day, to be exact. Well, a year and a week and a day, to be really exact (because I was going to terminate Froogville and the Barstool at the same time, and the Barstool was born a week or so later).

Today is Froogville's 1st Anniversary. Happy birthday, Froogville! After such inconsequential beginnings, I really didn't expect you to make it this far. But it had always been my intention that you wouldn't make it any further. (Call me Herod!)

So, I have another week (well, 8 or 9 days, tops; I think Barstool Blues first squalled at the world on September 16th, so a year and a day would be....) to ponder my blogging future.

Ponder, ponder, ponder.


moonrat said...

you can't quit now. i listed you in my side panel so you now have blogging responsibilities to people besides yourself. take that.

Froog said...

You make it sound like you have a tattoo.

If Johnny Depp managed to erase Wynona....

Tulsa said...

hey, yah, me, too. what would my readers do if they clicked on your link and saw nothing (no updates - presumably existing content would remain.)

there is so much more for you to tell! so much more for me to listen to!

and so many more CiC Pretenders for me to de-throne (watch out Moonrat, I'll be back in full force at time to be determined).

and if it sounds like I'm making this about me (note 1. you tell 2. me listen 3. me de-throne) then maybe that's just it. you gotta write, if not to get it out of you, then to give us something to read.

earthling said...

Happy Birthday, sorry if it's a day too late.

Yes Froog, keep writing. Even if there are no more than a hand full of faithful readers, at least they are faithful!!