Friday, September 07, 2007

Life, and how to survive without one

(Former) Arch-Commenter, Tulsa, has in recent weeks been made to appreciate the full horror of the 'being a lawyer' + 'having a Chinese employer' equation. (= NO LIFE)

At the start of the week, she promised me that she was going to be able to rejoin the social scene a little this week, because she had put in a "life request" to her boss and it had been granted.

A little later, when I queried her continued absence, she griped that the original grant had been suddenly revoked. I suggested to her that she needed to make the "life request" a "life DEMAND".

She did manage to slink away from the office by mid-evening on Friday, but was then assailed by messages from her boss asking if there was just one more thing she could finish off that night. JUST SAY NO.


Tulsa said...

Aack!!! away with that "(former)"...

I am here, I am here, I am here!!

and I did get this weekend. just walked back in the door after a visit to the new Nanjie -- where were you?? Didn't spot you there.

something's going on at Kolegas and Club 13, too, so maybe you're there... do you even still go to Club 13??

Froog said...

No, 13's still on the 'boycott' list.... but I'll probably relent soon. Sad fact is I don't get out there very much anyway, because it's too far away. And they are pretty much getting their arse kicked in the booking by D-22 and Yugong. It's mostly the same small roster of very average punk and metal bands month after month.

Sorry I missed you at Nanjie. Good for you and the Prof to get out, even if only briefly.