Saturday, December 01, 2012

Turning back the clock

Today, I find I have reached the target weight I set myself to reach back in September. I am six weeks behind schedule, but I have made it. I am once again 88kg. This is a psychologically significant threshold because this is the weight I was when I moved to Beijing ten years ago.

I like the sense of completing a circle: restoring my health and fitness to something like what they were before I came here seems to liberate me to leave.

China made me fat. I did not like that. It also, on occasion, made me jaded and despairing of human nature. I didn't like that, either. It's time for a change of scene.

I'm still 4 or 5kg above the weight that I'd managed to maintain for most of my adult life, 6 or 7kg more than I was as an undergraduate. I wonder how much further I can push this, if I can get back down - even briefly - to the weight I was in my early twenties. That could be very reinvigorating! I'm going to give it a try.

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