Friday, November 30, 2012

A Chinese shopping slogan

I hadn't previously realised that the BHG supermarket chain is actually a homegrown Chinese operation - part of the Beijing Hualian Group. Here in Beijing, their outlets are a pretty impressive facsimile of large international supermarkets (much more sophisticated in their offerings than the local versions of Carrefour and Walmart, in fact), but when you get out into China's 'lower tier' cities... well, they're just as chaotic and ramshackle as your typical small neighbourhood supermarket here.

And I'd never seen them use this slogan before -  


If I had my English teacher head on, I might object that they should start with the noun FRESHNESS, to maintain grammatical consistency in the list. But it's the SURPRISE at the end that really gets me! I like to be surprised in my shopping - oh yes. (I wonder if they meant SUPPLIES??)

This reminds me of a KFC-ripoff fried chicken shop that briefly set up in the front of a tiny supermarket just over the road from the college where I taught back in my first year in Beijing (I thought I'd written about this before, but Google search can't find it; I had thought I might have mentioned it in this classic early post on here, but no). The business folded after a month or so, but they'd spent quite a bit on their packaging, as if they had ambitions of quickly growing into a chain (I'm pretty sure it was just a one-off store, and not a well-run one). The boxes were printed with an English 'slogan' rather like this one, just a random collection of only vaguely appropriate words. I think it said something like... DELICIOUS   HEALTH   EDIBLE.  Really. Hmm, edible food - my favourite kind!

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