Monday, September 03, 2012

Blogger STOLE this post

My apologies to regular and casual readers of this site.

I usually begin the week with a wise and/or witty quotation. I often spend hours scouring the Net - or my private library - for suitable candidates. At the start of each month, I usually try to come up with such a 'bon mot' myself.

Because these posts, though usually very short, are amongst the most labour-intensive things I produce for my blogs, I like to try to prepare batches of them for some weeks or months in advance. A few months back, I spent the best part of a day compiling ALL of these 'bon mot' posts on both of my blogs for the rest of the year.

Then, last week, Blogger gremlins deleted ALL of my 'scheduled' posts. (Well, at least here on Froogville. If they'd destroyed all of my pre-baked goodies over on Barstool Blues as well, I would be even more distraught.)

So, no 'Bon mot for the week' today, I'm afraid. 

I am still in mourning for my murdered babies.

And until I see some sort of acknowledgement that Blogger has become aware of the problem and taken steps to fix it, I don't feel much inclined to post any more at all - and certainly not to pre-schedule anything.

I HATE you, Blogger.

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