Monday, July 02, 2012

Traffic Report - the blog stats for June

Well, despite being "on the road", I have so far been maintaining my usual - excessive - rate of posting. Having a fast Internet link (and way too much time on my hands) can be corrupting!

Things are likely to be a little slower for the next few weeks while I am in the States, because there is quite a lot of other stuff I am trying to get done while I am here.

Last month, there were 31 posts and nearly 13,000 words on Froogville.

There were 28 posts and around 10,000 words on Barstool Blues.

And that's without counting my huge European Football Championship discussion thread, currently standing at 62 comments and nearly 14,000 words (at least three quarters of of them mine: I had been uncannily accurate in most of my analyses and predictions, right up until the final - when the emergence of SuperSpain took me rather by surprise; I had  been rooting for Italy, who, I felt, had been clearly the best team over the first five games of the tournament).

The other major item of business this past month was my retrospective on the changes I've witnessed in the Beijing bar scene over the past 10 years, a series in three parts (I, II, and III).

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