Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th July!

I'm in America for the 4th July this year - only the third or fourth time I've managed this, despite being a fairly regular visitor to the country for twenty years now.

Since the holiday is falling in the middle of the week, the celebrations are even more protracted than usual. Well, last weekend was relatively quiet where I'm staying (not least because a freak storm on Friday night had left much of the area without electricity - or a cellphone network, or Internet, or cable TV); but the first big party was last night; and the barbecue overload now seems set to run without a break for at least another four days.

So much for my diet plans. From next week, I am going to be restricting myself to granola bars and live yoghurt. But for now - bring on the burgers and the pulled pork and the ribs!!

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