Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simple pleasures

My grocery bill this morning came to 88.88 RMB.

The checkout girl acted as if I'd won the lottery! (The number 8 is regarded as lucky in Chinese superstition, you see.)

I confess her glee was infectious, although I would not on my own account have got particularly excited about receiving 11.1 RMB in change. However, I suppose I was quite grateful to get away with spending less than 100 RMB for once.

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John said...

I often find triple six to appear quite a lot in my life, wonder if it means something too...
Yes, yes, I do know the real number of the beast is 616 but 666 does seem to crop up a lot. It's in my bank numbers, my father's too (!) and I've had bills like yours, only less lucky, every now and again.