Monday, September 03, 2007

Thrice lucky!


The number of the post. If you count Froogville and the Barstool together, that is.

Another momentous landmark!

Well, for China, anyway. In the prevailing numerological superstition, 8 is deemed to be the luckiest number - so a lot of 8s together is just luck piled on luck.

I suppose 88,888,888 would be even more lucky. But in practice, three 8s is about as many as we ever get. 888 kuai is a favourite amount for a generous wedding gift or for the most expensive dish on the menu in one of those absurdly upscale abalone & shark's fin restaurants (I am aware of such places; but no, dear reader, rest assured that I would never dream of giving them my custom).

I've just had to shell out a really rather painful sum of money for the next quarter's rent, I find I've been short-changed on a training fee I've belatedly collected from before the holiday (only by a small amount, and I'm sure inadvertently - but it niggles), and I last night suffered yet another sleepless night after suffering a relapse of the bad belly that has been troubling me intermittently for the last fortnight.

I stand in need of a change of luck, I think.

I wonder what the 'Lucky Post' will usher in for the rest of the week.


moonrat said...

8s are also appealing because they're so pretty. although i suppose that doesn't translate to chinese.

Froog said...

No - in Chinese it sounds more like an expression of contemptuous dismissal: ba, ba, ba..... humbug!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck! (Even if this is 889, that's still two eights.)