Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unfair competition

Beijing institution The Bookworm - bar, restaurant, lending library, bookshop, live music and speaker meeting venue, favoured hangout for many of the city's foreign journalists and all-around 'cultural salon' - is launching its fortnight-long International Literary Festival today (well, actually, last night).

To mark the occasion, I dug out My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors, by the great Torontonian comedy group Moxy Früvous. These boys were BIG when I was living in Canada in the late '90s, and I got to see them once - but, alas, they disbanded shortly afterwards (nothing to do with me, I assure you).


Sarahplusone said...

I saw them too many moons ago, and was humming this song on my way to opening night of the literary festival.

Did you know that Jian Ghomeshi now hosts CBC's rather brilliant morning arts & culture programme? He's an excellent interviewer and gets some great musical guests. Free podcasts available in the usual places. :)

Froog said...

Ah, Sarah - I might have known you'd be a fan of The Früvous.

Did you see a I did a plug for The Unstable Table over at the other place?