Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extra secure

It appears that large numbers of delegates from the National People's Congress, in session this week, are being put up at the hotel next door to me. One of its entry/exit ramps has been blocked off, one of the two main entrances has been closed, and access - by vehicle or on foot - has been restricted by the hasty erection of hundreds of yards of temporary fencing and concertina gates. And there are dozens of bored policemen loafing around outside at all hours.

I keep meaning to nip out early in the morning one day to try to catch these noble servants of the people being bussed off to their deliberations... but early mornings, alas, have not been happening for me this week.

1 comment:

Froog said...

Yes, indeed - the NPC wrapped up on Wednesday, and my neighbour hotel had returned to normality the next day.

I rather miss the brief brush with 'celebrity'.