Thursday, March 01, 2012

Traffic Report - the blog stats for February

Another solid month of fripperies; I seem to have hit a fairly consistent frequency/volume of output now - still probably rather too much for any but the most avid reader to consume in full, but no longer so much as to make me fear that I need more of a life.

Last month, there were 36 posts and around 10,000 words on Froogville.

There were 30 posts and nearly 7,000 words on Barstool Blues.

And we have a new reader in Slovenia, it seems. Welcome.

Also, rather spookily, two of my old university chums - with whom I had lost touch for nearly 20 years - have recently found me through my record collection. 'Tis a small world, indeed! I wonder if they're now living in Slovenia.

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