Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Picks of the Month

Gosh, March 2009 was rather a busy month. It was, for instance, the occasion of my Photo Gallery Week on Froogville, during which I shared some 45 of my photographs. What were the other highlights?

Well, from Froogville I'll pick Miscommunication, another of my funny-sad tales of failed romance.

And on The Barstool, I'll go for this Bon Mot.


John said...

Not only can your superior intellect fail to understand "McDonalds" but you've linked the same post twice by mistake. Double doh.
Please allow me this tiny opportunity to gloat that for these brief few minutes I feel more intelligent than an Oxford grad. OK, time's up, back to being a commoner; now where do I sign up for my degree in golf course management?

Froog said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I have NO IDEA how that happened - since the 'McDonald's' story was the last link added to the post.

Some kind of super-crazy Blogger glitch there.

Also, all seems to be fine over on The Barstool. And I actually wrote the post on there first and 'copy & pasted' it here. So, double-weird.

John said...

Ah, so you did reply. ANOTHER Blogger glitch since they changed this post a comment page is that I'm no longer receiving notification by e-mail that people have replied to articles I've commented on myself. This one really is twisting my melons as I now have no idea which dates I need to check! Google!!!

Froog said...

That is annoying. I apologise on behalf of Blogger.

I imagine they'll eventually notice they've inadvertently deleted this standard feature in their latest pointless upgrade.

Until then, you'll just have to try to remember which posts you've commented on. Since you profess to have no time for any other blogs, and since I seldom have any other commenters on here these days, it shouldn't be that hard!

Actually, I've always preferred to just go back and revisit posts where I was getting interested in the comment threads (on other people's blogs). I prefer to read comments in the context of the rest of the post and the other comments. And there's always the danger that your e-mail inbox will suddenly start getting deluged with uninteresting comments (perhaps on an old, old, long-forgotten post at that!!).