Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Picks of the Month

What were the highlights of my output in February 2009?  Let's see.

Well, on Froogville I choose Questions children ask, one of my favourite moments of 'found humour' from my former career as a recording artist for English listening materials.

And on The Barstool it has to be the brief, poignant tale of the Three Barmaids.



JES said...

Looks like The Anchor is still in fine form, although I haven't yet found any photos of their employees (or other denizens) from back then.

Froog said...

Yes, it looks nice from the outside. But I fear the magic of Charlie's tenure there is long gone. Maybe there's been a revival of gentility now, but it seemed for a while to have become a very rough sort of pub... and then trade became so sporadic that it looked to be in danger of closing altogether.

Oxford - that area in particular (Jericho: a small industrial estate spread along the canal in the north-west of the city... are you an Inspector Morse fan, JES?) - is, or used to be, rather over-generously stocked with pubs. In Victorian times, working class neighbourhoods like these would often have a pub on the corner of each terraced street: thus, two for each street, and sometimes an extra one in the middle of the row making three. Not really viable in the modern world, alas. And the pub trade in the UK has been very hard hit by the double-whammy of the financial meltdown following hot on the heels of the introduction of a complete smoking ban.

So many of the pubs I knew in my student days have closed in the last five years.