Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Another bridge burned

I wrote to a very senior person in a company I've been trying to do business with today.

The sort of person you're probably not supposed to write to directly (even though I have met him in person once).

I confess I did this not really as a last-ditch effort to try to revive the project I was hoping to run with them (that's obviously DEAD; and even if it weren't, I think I'm so irritated with them now that I'd walk away from it anyway), but just for the sake of making sure that my position was clearly on the record.

And also in the unworthy - but, I trust, forgivable - hope that it might humiliate the two more junior senior people whom I had asked to pass on my observations for me... and who both failed even to acknowledge that e-mail. I said to the guy: "Pardon my presumption in contacting you directly, but I had asked X and Y to raise this with you, and they didn't get back to me."

I know this failure to deal with e-mail appropriately, and, in particular, this preference for just ignoring someone rather than telling them that IT'S OVER is not a uniquely Chinese vice; but I do find it depressing that it is so thoroughly ubiquitous, inescapable here. I will never get used to it. I will never tolerate it. I think that's why I have to leave the damn country.

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