Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's happening again

Just when I was starting to feel ever so slightly more upbeat about staying in China for a while longer, just when I was starting to feel just a little more optimistic about my employment prospects here... 

I've been in tentative discussions for a while now (ahem, two-and-a-half years!) with a large Chinese law firm about developing some kind of permanent relationship with them to co-ordinate all of their various English language needs in editing, polishing, copywriting, client liaison, marketing and promotion, staff assessment and training, and so on. And we seemed to have taken a big step forward toward that goal when they suddenly invited me in for a meeting with one of the senior partners a couple of weeks ago.

But I guess that meeting didn't go so well.

What feedback did I get from them?  NONE. Even after sending a follow-up e-mail of my own to a couple of the lower-ranked partners who'd set the thing up. Not even after sending a text message reminder about that follow-up. And then a follow-up to the follow-up.

How did I know it was DEAD? Call me psychic!


John said...

I was going to comment but I'm giving you the silent treatment. Hang on a minute...
No but seriously, their loss; bunch of discourteous idiots. How can guangxi or whatever it's called be anything other than a disadvantage? It's a circle of 'trust' based on bribery and brown-nosing. The mind boggles (again).

Froog said...

I would hope that I have some sort of guanxi with them after all this time. And I don't think I'm being undercut by anyone with 'better' guanxi this time (it does happen quite a lot; but not this time, I don't think).

They're just being incredibly STUPID about how they want to try to arrange things. And incredibly culturally stereotypical in not wanting to tell me what's now going on.