Friday, January 13, 2012

One year ago today...

... saw the first appearance in my comment threads - the de-cloaking - of Cedra, a talented artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. [And NO, I can't ever think of that place name without hearing Bugs Bunny's voice!]

One of the great pleasures of this blogging malarkey (which I have often fretted is a perilously addictive and self-indulgent hobby) is that it acts as a magnet, gradually winning the attention of wider and wider circles of other bloggers and blog readers with whom one can establish contact. And a few of these develop into regular commenters and/or e-mail penpals. (Cedra, in fact, hasn't been such a frequent commenter; but she has had a very busy year! Check out her website Lights All Askew in the Heavens for more details of what she's been up to.)

There has proven to be an unexpectedly rich source of new friendships in what had seemed to be a perversely reclusive activity. And Cedra has become one of the most valued of these friends. It feels as though I've known her far longer than year.

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