Friday, January 20, 2012

Haiku for the week

Battle's constant din;
The ghosts and demons routed - 
All fleeing my way.

The great annual trauma of the Chinese Spring Festival celebrations has begun. I shall endeavour to spend as much as possible of the next 18 days in the protective cocoon of my apartment. I hope I've laid in enough provisions.


John said...

I wouldn't say I'm a fan of poetry at all but I've just listened to the Write Stuff who had as their author of the week- Sir John Betjeman and I did enjoy today's haiku so I must be growing a soft spot for it.

Froog said...

I wouldn't really call haiku - my haiku - 'poetry'. Pith and poignancy and occasional wit, but not 'poetry'.

Betj has a lot of good stuff, though. Unfairly scoffed at as a bit lowbrow sometimes; his best stuff compares well with Larkin and Hughes, I think.

John said...

I guess I'm still among the uncultured masses after all. :(
I'll stick to works strictly in comedic rhyming couplets and Spike Milligan where I'm comfortable!