Friday, January 13, 2012

Haiku for the week

Unease, tension, dread,
Waiting for the first firework.
Calm before the storm.

Barman Mike tells me he's heard the odd explosion already in the hutongs further south from me. But around my way, it has been uncannily peaceful: not a single bang! as yet. Usually, you get kids starting to experiment with the ordnance at least a couple of weeks ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday, but this year.... an ominous silence reigns. And we're now only 9 days shy of the annual gunpowder apocalypse. I wonder what's up.

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Froog said...

I heard my first firework explosions - and not that many - yesterday evening, Wednesday, only five days before the holiday officially begins.

There was a rather more robust outbreak nearby my apartment just a few minutes ago.

I figure, since New Year's Eve falls at the end of the weekend this year, a lot of people will have found excuses to bunk off work on Friday, and things will start to get going tonight. Giving us 19 days of HELL to get through. Here we go.