Thursday, December 01, 2011

Traffic Report - the blog stats for November

Well, that was a strange month - probably my lightest month ever in volume of verbiage, but still awesomely regular in the tempo of posting.

Totting up the wordcounts this month is a relative doddle because the quirky challenge I set myself at the beginning of November was to write one post a day on each blog (giving myself a day off on Sundays; and excluding Monday's Bon mot of the week feature, most of which I 'pre-cook' some way in advance), and to keep each of those posts to exactly the same length. Exactly.

Obsessive compulsive? Moi?!

I had originally planned to take 200 words per post as my guideline, but the first couple of posts - the regular information-only Traffic Report and Picks of the Month notices - I found I could barely spin out to 150 words. So, that became my word-limit for the rest of the month. (I did occasionally find it rather frustrating that I was having to leave a thought unfinished. Towards the end of the month, I allowed myself to vary the experiment with a few posts of 200 words, and this one on The Barstool of 300. And I sometimes made use of the comments to provide supplementary links and so on that I hadn't had room for within this very narrow constraint. In general, though, I soon found that I was naturally conceiving of posts to fit this size, and was only having to make a few small edits to bring the wordcount to exactly 150.)


Last month, there were 30 posts and a little over 4,000 words on Froogville.

And there were likewise 30 posts and a little over 4,000 words on Barstool Blues.

Oh, the symmetry of it!

And lookee over there in the sidebar: Froogville is about to pass its 100,000th "visitor"* at some point in the next few days. I can't very well retire at a moment of such high excitement, can I?

[* According to Statcounter, Froogville has already passed 150,000 visitors, and humble Barstool Blues is closing in on 100,000. Different metrics - confusing, isn't it? My favourite traffic-monitoring site, that one - more fun, as well as more flattering! This month, it informs me that we have added Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, and Mozambique to the list of countries which have found us here.]

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