Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Another milestone looms

Gosh, look at that! The visitor counter over there in the sidebar, that is.

In a day or two, it seems, we shall be passing our 100,000th visitor here on Froogville (at least, according to Sitemeter; other traffic monitors already put the number much higher, but this is the system I chose to display, so this is what we have to go with).

If YOU see that widget displaying 100,000 (or very close) when you next drop by - please leave me a comment here, and I will try to contrive some kind of 'prize' for you (or at least a heartfelt paean of gratitude).  Oh, the excitement....


caren said...

Yay, I am 100,002!

Froog said...

Congrats, Caren!

We haven't heard from you on here in a long time. Have you been lurking, or did you just happen to stumble in here on the day the meter hit six figures?

Let me have your new address in Buffalo and I'll post you some China tack.