Friday, October 07, 2011

The weekly haiku

Millions of people
Clog streets with their aimlessness:
Chinese holiday.

The crowds get worse every year, I swear. Given a whole week off, workers and students feel they ought to do something with this unaccustomed free time. But most of them have very little idea what to do, nor any significant disposable income with which they might do anything. So, they just dawdle up and down the streets in their thousands and millions, idly gawking at stuff in a zombified trance for hours at a time.

The weather has been gorgeous this week - but it is painful to set foot outside. In my - admittedly very touristy - district, it takes twice as long as normal to get anywhere because of the shuffling crowds blocking your path; the sidewalks are often completely impassable, and I have to walk on the roads most of the time, running the gauntlet of the homicidal traffic. It's all over tomorrow, thank heavens.

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