Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weird China (2)

Last week, I was strolling through the Sanlitun district in central Beijing when I came upon a line of three or four tour buses parked up, end to end.

In the leading one, the four drivers were playing cards.... in the luggage compartment.

Granted, it was a moderately hot day. And I suppose they didn't feel they could run the air-conditioning in a stationary bus just for their own convenience. But.... I'm not at all convinced that the luggage hold would have been less warm than the cabin of the bus... or the breezy sidewalk.

I wondered if it was some sort of forfeit game. The next time somebody screwed up, perhaps they'd all have to try to climb inside one of their tourists' suitcases to continue their game?? 


John said...

Glad to see my story sparked a new regular feature (I wish!) The only thing it's lacking are photos, how are we going to believe these wacky tales otherwise? Oh right, "Silly weird ol' China!"

Froog said...

Yes, sorry, I would have liked to get a photo of that.

I think somewhere on here (or perhaps not; maybe it was just something I used to have on my now defunct Yahoo Photos page) I used to have a picture of the 'brick game' - very popular in the city of Kaifeng, I discovered a few years back. Card players, when they lose a hand, have to balance a brick on their heads.