Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weird China (1)

This lunchtime, I saw the strangest... erm, accessory, I suppose I should call it.

It was an outsize bow-tie. Cream and pink. Crocheted.

It looked like a child's toy, something to adorn a particularly gay teddy bear, perhaps. Well, actually, it was so old and dirty looking, I was reminded rather more of a dog's chew-toy.

But a woman was wearing it as a hair-band!

An otherwise quite expensively dressed office worker type, at that. It certainly didn't 'go' with anything else she was wearing. In fact, it made her look like a crazy cat lady.

The mix-and-match thrift store chic of the modern Chinese woman occasionally throws up some rather striking (and inadvertently stylish?) combinations. But more often it throws up the most horrendous and embarrassing incongruities. And then, just once in a while, it produces something like this, which is disturbingly suggestive of mental illness.

The fashion philosophy here seems to be anything goes. Unfortunately, it just doesn't.

Ah, that reminds me of a song...

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