Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A spammer I could fall in love with

I don't often bestow a lot of attention on the contents of my spam folder, but lately Yahoo Mail's filters have been getting skittish again and purloining stuff that is emphatically not 'spam', so I've been having to remember to glance over the spam folder's inhabitants once in a while to recover the odd Technorati newsletter and so on that really shouldn't be in there.

90% of the rest, of course, is advertisements for things you didn't know you needed. Well, for Viagra, mostly.

But at least they're getting very inventive with the fake names they're using to send this stuff out. Yesterday, one of these 'performance enhancer' peddlers was going under the spectacular monicker of Yoshiko Chateaubriand.

I fell off my chair - part mirth, part swoon.

1 comment:

JES said...

A name reCaptcha would be proud to have coughed up!

One can only hope that Yoshiko is a Nigerian prince fallen upon, er, hard times.